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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does RHD guarantee their work?
RHD  fully warrants workmanship and building materials for a period of one calendar year from project completion as well as all expressed warranties according to TRCC rules. Appliances, plumbing fixtures and other equipment installed in your remodeling project are fully warranted by the manufacturer.      

Should I anticipate any costs beyond the contract price?
RHD Construction will not charge more than the original contract price unless we do additional work or incur additional costs, approved by owner, beyond what is stated in our contract.

When you start my job, will you stay till it’s completed?
RHD does everything possible to keep your project moving along quickly. We never take on more projects than we can handle at any given time and therefore our projects rarely sit idle. If there is work that can be done on a given day, someone will be there working.

Do you do “free” estimates?
Our initial consultation is always free of charge. From this, we can generally provide you with a “high-low” price range that will help you decide if you want to go forward with the project. By then, you will have a general idea if we are a good fit as your contractor. We do charge for all design, detailed estimating, and feasibility work beyond the initial consultation. This work is generally required in order to accurately determine the cost of your project.

Is RHD licensed?
Yes. We are licensed  by each city in which we do business. Additionally, each of our Independent Contractors is fully licensed as required by local municipal ordinances.

Who will be in charge of my remodeling project?
Each remodeling project is assigned to a Project Manager (directly employed by RHD) who is professional and is experienced in all phases of construction and remodeling.  This person will be your contact throughout your remodeling project. He has complete authority and responsibility to act on behalf of RHD Construction Inc.

Can you provide a list of client references?
Yes. Client references are gladly provided upon request.

Do you and your subcontractors carry liability insurance?
Yes. RHD carries an excess of $1,000,000.00 of general commercial liablilty insurance. We also require each subcontractor to carry general commercial liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00.

Do I have to make any advanced payments to RHD?
No. You are progressively billed as work is done to the date of our invoice. RHD uses its on funds for working capital. We never ask our clients to fund their remodeling project with an advance payment.

Have you ever had any legal action taken against RHD which resulted in any kind of judgment?

Are the workmen who will be working in my home employed by RHD?
The Project Manager is directly employed by RHD Construction Inc. The other team members are specialty Independent Contractors who are independent businessmen with whom we have a long standing business relationship and whose work we fully warranty.